Syncing between Devonthink Pro and DTTG not happening

I love DevonThink as my research engine but I’m afraid it seems I have made a mess of my sync options. Every time I try and sync it comes up with a warning invalid encryption key. Should I restore from scratch or what other help could you suggest? Thankyou. PS this is not a moan great app, lousy user!

Welcome :slight_smile:
Could you please post more details? Specifically which sync method you are using, and possibly also the settings used (a screenshot may be useful). Did the sync using this method ever work previously?

Hi Blanc Thank you for your response. I am trying to sync via iCloud and also Bonjour. I would like to use my MacBook OS as the primary server and sync DTTG to iPad version 8 and iPhone XR.

It looks to me as if you have done the following:

  • turned on Bonjour on your MacBook
  • turned on Bonjour on your iPad and/or iPhone
  • set up a Local Sync Store
  • not read the handbook :wink:

Insofar as my assumptions are right, please note that for Bonjour only one device should be set up to accept incoming connections; from what you describe, that should be your MacBook. On your mobile devices, Bonjour should be off and you should select the Local Network called something like Keith@keiths-macbook as the sync location. Bonjour does not require a Local Sync Store. You will have defined a passphrase on your MacBook when you turned on Bonjour (you can change it any time in the preferences) and you will be required to enter that passphrase on your mobile devices when you first sync.

Once Bonjour works, maybe somebody else can help you out with iCloud sync, as I don’t use that (that is, if you’re actually having trouble with that, I can’t actually tell from what you’ve posted).

If my assumptions are wrong, then I’m being an arrogant git, which I’m going to blame on upbringing, being highly strung, and the pandemic. And would then kindly ask you provide even more information - i.e. what exactly happens when you do what exactly; in this case please also provide a screenshot of the settings on your iPad.

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Keith? Have you got things going now?

Hi Blanc Again thank you for your response. You are definitely not being an arrogant git. I will try your suggestions. Sorry about the pandemic affecting your peace of mind. Can I suggest playing Keith Jarret’s Koln Concert. For me a musical miracle. It’s a cultural story that always makes me realise that there’s so much more to life. I will play it while using you amazing suggestions. Thanks for being so generous with your time. Take care. Keith

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Hi Blanc You will be glad to hear SUCCESS. It seems there may have been a mismatch with my iCloud account. I fixed that preset a few buttons by following your first advice and then a miracle my databases were syncing between DevonThink and DTTG. Thank you for all help and patience and take care. Keith


You can, you may, and I am doing :slight_smile: What a kind suggestion, thank you very much! You were welcome to my time before that brilliant suggestion, but even more welcome now.