syncing DevonThink Office Pro with iPad

I have DT on my desktop and DTTG on iPads. Syncing is a real problem. Over the last two days, I’ve been successful on two occasions; so I know it CAN work, but it just does not work all the time. The iPad “sees” my iMac, but selecting it does nothing. Other times, it says the connection is bad, which is just not the case.

Is there some particular sequence I should be following? Open desktop first? iPad first? I really want to use DevonThink for this project, but it’s very frustrating.

Also, do tags transfer to the iPad?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Try rebooting both devices. No particular order is required for proper operation.

Also, no - Tags are not supported in iOS.

Note: Though it doesn’t address your immediate problem, DEVONthink To Go v2 is a complete rewrite from scratch and may fit your requirements. Stay tuned.

Thank you for the response.

Where exactly can I get DTTG v2? All I see on the App Store is 1.5.8.

Version 2 is currently in development. Here’s the announcement: … -0-starts/

@AnnieP: The Sync procedure used in the current version of DEVONthink To Go is quite sensitive to flakiness of the WiFi signal produced by routers – and 1) not all routers are equal, and 2) the WiFi signal broadcast by a router may degrade over time as components and solder connections age.

If connection problems are observed when attempting to Sync an iOS device to DEVONthink databases on a Mac, try creating a temporary local WiFi network broadcast by the Mac’s internal radio. To do that, click in the Mac’s menubar on the WiFi symbol and choose Create Network. Then set the iOS device to that network and try Sync.

This will temporarily isolate both the Mac and the iOS device from the Internet, but often results in a successful Sync procedure. Afterwards, return the Mac and the iOS device to the normal WiFi network setting.

As Jim noted, the next generation of DEVONthink To Go is being entirely rewritten, including a different Sync procedure.