Syncing different Devices

Hi, I have purchased Devonthink Pro 3.0 and Devonthink To Go for my iPad. Could someone please let me know how I should sync the databases on different devices. Right now I am using it on my iMac. but I would like to use the app on my iPad and my laptop as well.

Many thanks,

I have a Mac and iPad
My first step was to enable Bonjour connections on the Mac only
(Devonthink > Preferences > Sync)
Then on the iPad, enabled sync via Local Network

Have you reviewed the sync documentation in the user handbook?

Thanks! I am coming back to DEVONthink after several years. Will review the guidebooks. Many thanks!

Welcome back to the fold! :slight_smile:
Sync is covered in the Help for each application:

  • For DEVONthink, sync is covered in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync, Preferences > Sync, and Troubleshooting > Sync Issues.
  • For DEVONthink To Go, sync is covered in the ? > Help > Sync your databases section.

Additionally, there is a forum post on syncing: Sync Types Explained