Syncing direct connection

So I have a Mac and an iPad on the same network.

I want to set up a direct connection sync.
Tell me either what I’m doing wrong or what I need to do next…

On the Mac…
I am given an empty list, an empty “Server” box, and a “Port” box with 10191 in it.

On the iPad…
“Bonjour Set options”
I am given “Enable incoming connections” option. Greyed.
Port: empty (‘self-assigned if empty’)
Password: empty (‘Mandatory’)

With a helpful note: ‘Syncronisation is always bidirectional, There is usually no need to create connections on both sides.’


Which version of DEVONthink do you use on the Mac?

Pro Office 2.8.3

Pro Office 2.8.3

Thanks I’ve downloaded an update to the Mac software and made the connection.

Hi all. It looks like the OP was helped and sorted it out.

I thought I would throw up some screen shots of how I’ve synced my iPad and Mac. Hopefully, it will help others who might be trying to make us of theis great feature (ad-hoc syncing)…

FROBGOBLIN: You are really helpful and proviode good advices/solutions but that Japanese vocabulary is freaking annoying :open_mouth: :confused:

It’s his field and his blog. Why is that annoying?

LOL. Thanks so much for the kind words. Think of the Japanese as an exercise in internationalization :slight_smile:

Korm: It was not meant as a negative critique, rather as a humerous observation.


FROBGOBLIN: You have an excellent blog, I have learned a great deal about wokflows reading your blog recent years.

Thanks for the kind words from both raveaxe and korm. I learn new things every day from the posts here and fellow users on the Internet, so it is nice to think I might have been able to make a little bit of a contribution myself.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have so many sync options with an app. Hundreds of thousands of apps out there, but how many give you this many sync options? Maybe just DEVONthink. Wow. What happened? We used to have a realtively more secure, reliable way to sync things (thumb drives, plugging stuff into our computers, networked folders, and so forth), but now we’ve had to buy into the Silicon Valley, 100% connectivity, “cloudy,” insecure, simplistic, “gotta break a bunch of eggs to make a great omelette” mindset. It’s nice to see DT bucking this trend. No subscriptions, no requirement to store stuff on their hard drives, careful attention to details, and no dumbing down of the app. It’s refreshing to have this app, especially when traveling without regular or reliable Internet access.

Thanks, FROBGOBLIN. This is exactly a point I made in our internal discussions about our new Sync engine!
Evernote syncs to Evernote
Dropbox syncs to Dropbox
CloudMe syncs to Cloudme
… etc. ad infinitum

You can’t say, “I’ve got an Evernote account but more space in Dropbox. I’ll sync my Evernote data to their servers!”

However, we allow you to Sync in a variety of ways - and WebDAV allows you to roll your own, corporately or privately (as I run an OS X (oops, MacOS :mrgreen: ) server at home). Again, we are treading in places others don’t go.

As a side note: my suggestion for the Pro Pack was not holding back shallow Sync. It was giving Bonjour Sync as a standard (full or shallow), but having cloud services / WebDAV as the Pro Pack item to unlock. :smiley:

I’m glad DT is very aware of the significance of what they’ve done. And, it would be nice if it would sell itself that way on the website and in other places. I don’t think people fully appreciate what this means unless they have it spelled out for them in many different ways, because it is so unlike everything else (in the sense that it offers a range of options that make it possible to control how you sync in just about any environment).

At the moment, I am not using shallow sync, and I probably won’t for a while, because I am still beta testing :slight_smile: I copy everything from my main database to the test one, and vice-versa. It’s kludgy, but it saves headaches. In other words, though, shallow sync is not really something I “need.” I will buy the pro pack, but not for that feature (or any other one – it’s really just to support you guys). It makes a lot of sense to have some kind of basic sync model that ships with it and have other services unlocked. But, that ship has sailed already.

Along these lines, a feature like a more robust web clipper would definitely be welcomed (even by me – and I don’t clip all that much). Putting these new things into the pro pack, and then trickling them down over time into the base version as other new stuff becomes available would be a great incentive to upgrade. For example, give us the ability to clip as PDFs. That alone would put you ahead of many competitors.

It is indeed great to have all these sync options. But (this is a big but for me), I must say the user interface on DTTG to set up the sync sucks (pardon me). It is far from clear/intuitive IMHO to have to select edit ‘sync/locations’, then press the location that presents with a WiFi icon to get to a list of on/off switches for the databases.

Yep, I found it, but only after some frustrating time spent with the app (very un-magical). Devonthink is my go-to app for all my doc storage and this issue doesn’t make me think differently but I did use a few swear words while trying to figure this out. I hope there is willingness to improve this.

How would the user interface here be more logical for you?

I had exactly the same problem. With local syncstore I would expect some kind of control of defining the database to be synced directly on the Mac. For example, I tried drag and drop in the sync section of the preference pane. Obviously, this did not work. I had to go through several pages of the help section of DTTG, and even the Quick start-guide is very indifferent of what to do: “Switch on the databases you want to download …”.