Syncing DT settings across devices

I have a DB that is sync’d across two devices (Mac Mini and MacBook Pro) and the DB content syncs fine.

However, today I modified the highlight colors used in DT3 on the Mini (following recommendations from the Cognitive Productivity book) but now that I am on the MacBook a few hours later I don’t see those color changes have sync’d over, yet the data did sync.

Is it possible to sync settings like this in addition to the databases? Thanks.

This is a setting in the control-click > Show Info per sync location and is enabled by default.

Thanks. That setting is checked on both devices.

Note I’m asking about highlighting, not labels, although I did change one label as well. The label name and color did sync to the MBP correctly. However, my custom highlighting colors and names did not sync – they are on the Mac Mini but the MacBook Pro retains the original default colors and names.

I’ve confirmed the checkbox is set on both, and confirmed the label syncs properly and files added in one location properly sync to the other. Just not highlight colors.

Here’s the highlighting panel on my Mac Mini with the customized highlights:


And here’s the same panel on my MacBook Pro showing the defaults:

Highlighting does not sync between machines. Just label colors. Development would have to weigh in on whether this would be a feature in a future release.

Understood. How can we nominate this feature be considered? It is unexpected that labels sync while highlights do not, given they are both global settings and are placed right next to each other in the preferences dialog.

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There is no formal nomination process. Development also reads these forums and makes their own assessments on these matters.