Syncing DTPO with Dropbox

Can someone direct me to the place where I can read the main instructions for syncing DTPO using Dropbox? I’ve searched but can’t find it. Thank you.

There are no “main instructions”. Many experienced users discourage using Dropbox for syncing databases because of the risk of loss of data or corruption. Others like it. The risk is yours.

If you go to “Advanced Search” and search for Dropbox you’ll find nearly 500 threads in the forum on this topic. Because Dropbox sync is not officially sanctioned, you won’t find official instructions anywhere.

Sooner or later DEVONthink will have its own synchronization service.

I see. Thank you.

I made a test database with a few PDFs and rich text files and dropped it inside a folder inside my Dropbox folder.

I’ve found that, if I ensure (a) that I don’t open the database simultaneously on more than one device, and (b) that I sync Dropbox and make sure it’s synced fully before and after I open the database on each device, then everything seems fine.

Am I missing something? Could I still run into trouble using this careful method?

Also, what advantages over this method will the new syncing have?


I currently have a 15GB database in dropbox which appears to work flawlessly, and has done for the past year or two.

I always make sure that the file is closed and updated on dropbox before I open it again on a second machine and, so far, I have not lost anything. The one time that I forgot to close DTPO on my home computer before trying to open it on another DTPO was clever enough to tell me that the other version appeared to be open, so I therefore didn’t go any further.

While I understand that using DTPO and Dropbox is not officially sanctioned in my experience (I started using DTPO in 2008) it works very well.