Syncing Duplicates

As I go through my database, I’m finding all sorts of duplicates. I’m assuming this comes through syncing as I’m sure I’m not manually creating them. How can this be avoided? And, is there a way to safely move all duplicates to the trash automatically rather than manually?

Is the option to create duplicates in case of conflicts enabled, see Preferences > Sync?

No. Use latest is selected.

Then the duplicates aren’t created by the synchronization actually. To move them to the trash you could use a smart group (condition “Instance is duplicate”) and the script “Move duplicates to trash”, see scripts menu.

It does leave me wondering how the duplicates are being created.

A duplicate item is not necessarily the result of a duplicate action. E.g. importing the same notes, mails or files a second time can cause duplicates too. Or importing them first to different databases and then moving all of them to the same database.