Syncing for 4 year olds

Hi All,

I am pretty late to the DT party, but following rave reviews, I jumped headlong in with Pro Office.

I have a MacPro and a MacBook Air.

I need to be able to access the DT database on both machines, not necessarily at the same time mind you, but with sync set-up via Dropbox, I keep seeing errors on the database on either machine.

I set the sync to run ‘On Open’ and ‘On Quit’ - Still no luck.

Could someone take me through a real “4 year old speak” guide to how this should work.

For example, should I even have DT running and open on 2 machines at once?
Should I close and let one copy sync, prior to opening the other?
What happens if I forget to close the copy on the MacPro, prior to leaving home (like today) - None of the changes show on the Air?

Any help is gratefully received - The positive reviews of DT suggest that the problem is me, and not the software!

Am I asking the impossible, or does this actually work across multiple devices?

Many, many thanks for any help.


I just responded to your Support Ticket.