Syncing from DTTG back to the Mac

I have 2 Mac, 2 iPads, and an iPhone in my system. About 2 years ago, a sync went very bad causing me to loose many documents. I quit using DevonThink period.

Some months ago, I bought the update to DT3, and I’ve rebuilt my Mac databases from scratch. The 2 Macs seem to be synchronizing just fine. However, I still have DTTG on the iOS devices, and the original databases that were there.

Is there any way to sync the databases from DTTG back over to the Mac so that I can sort through the old docs? I might be able to retrieve some of my lost docs in this way.

Then I want to consolidate so that I have the same data everywhere again.

Since I brought my whole system down through syncing, I want to make sure that I do this right.

I’ve been sorting through the handbooks and Joe Kissel’s “Taking Control” book, but I can’t find an answer to this.


My approach would be this:

  • Create a new sync store in DT3 desktop (this is to keep your DTTG databases separate until everything’s done)
  • Set up sync in DTTG to the new sync store and allow everything to sync. May take some time
  • You now have your DTTG databases on your Mac and you can open them in DT3 and organise as you wish

In DEVONthink on the Mac you’re doing your cleanup, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Luckily that decision was not that definitive as your ‘period’ seems to imply :slight_smile:

But when reading over this part, I couldn’t help but wander whether you use automatic backups on a separate medium with Time Machine for example.

That way, even if a sync goes bad (or your hard drive fails, or you happen to press delete one time to often etc.) you can restore you database to a near identical state.

Howdy. I’d like to open a ticket but clicking the email wants to open and for reasons, I can’t right now. Is there an alternate way?