Syncing is really slow over iCloud

Hi everyone. I have been using DEVONthink and DT to Go on and off for years. It seems like the iCloud syncing is always a hangup. I imported my massive Evernote library over when I started and I am wondering if my database is just too big? The Mac version seems to almost always have the status iCloud syncing. The iOS versions both take multiple minutes to sync every time I open them, even if I have only added or moved one file from another device.

Sometimes I also get a behavior on the Mac where my documents are greyed out. Double clicking one of the databases in the sidebar will attempt to relaunch it but usually results in a crash or “DT is Not Responding.”

Does anyone have any advise?

iCloud is notoriously bad in synchronizing, also with Apple apps. I changed DT sync to WebDAV and haven’t had any issues since.

The problem might be to find a reliable WebDAV provider.


I just don’t have this problem with iCloud for anything else… Files, Photos, other third party apps… it’s a little less snappy than Dropbox but it’s reliable.