Syncing Issue

I do like the new syncing.

I have a mac upstairs and one downstairs.

I have a 2tb hard drive connected to my airport extreme.

I have the Devonthink syncstore on this drive.

I have 6 databases.

They all sync well. However my problem is that if I go away from the computer (or it goes to sleep) sync stops. The error message on the log is 'could not verify the store structure (you dont have permission to verify the file). I am running as administrator.

My solution is to remove the current sync destination in preferences and then add in the existing local store again. Then it works.

However this is a bit of a pain. However overall still worth it because syncing to 2 macs is great.

If your data never leaves the house, and your LAN is fast, then why not put the databases on the drive connected to your Extreme and just open them from there? As long as you only use a database on one machine at a time – closing DEVONthink on the other machine. Just a thought.

That is a thought…

But I have a rotating set of three backup hard drives

One off site, one in the loft and one connected to the extreme.

I do see your point though…but this is part of my backup strategy.

I suppose I could just copy the databases to the mac and back to the drive when I change my backup drive (but its a bit complicated.)

Syncing seems more elegant and if it works quicker.

Plus there is the fact that i like experimenting with the software and it is an intellectual challenge for me to get this working.

I have hit the same type of issue - slightly different configuration however. Originally I had a share exported from a QNAP NAS and located the sync store on the NAS. Same type of problem when different Mac laptops tried to sync the database. I have recently moved the sync store to a Mac OS X server setup and hitting the same problem around permissions.

Are there a restriction where different users on different Mac clients are unable to access the sync store?

You cannot have simultaneous access to a syncStore. If you’re doing a daily Sync, you could try staggering the Sync times by 15 minutes or so per machine. Is that doable?