Syncing jpegs on DTTG and D3


Just did a Bonjour sync, but noticed that the images I had uploaded onto my desktop Devonthink 3 were not being carried over to my iPad Air. When I converted them to PDFs, they synced no problems. Silly question, but does DTTG only deal with PDFs?



The file format actually doesn’t matter, all files should be synchronized to all devices. Were any issues reported? What kind of sync location do you use? And are you able to reproduce this?

I sync over Bonjour. I’ve got my iPad plugged in and running DTG and have just uploaded an image to D3. It’s there in the right place on DTG (so the sync does work). But when I do a search on DTG, I only find the PDF copy I did (which I placed in the Trash on D3)

On a slightly related note, I’ve noticed that when I combine jpegs into a PDF using Merge on D3, the file I get is larger than I expect (as in greater than the sum of the individual jpegs). When I do the same through Preview, the file is the expected size i.e. the sum of the individual jpegs. Any explanation for why this is?

Images are not merged into an image. They are merged into a PDF document.

Damn, not quite sure I follow, sorry. So I combine x number of jpegs (in this case 31 in total) with Preview and I get a PDF that’s 140MB. When I merge the same jpegs into a PDF in D3 by selelcting them, rightclicking to bring up the menu and then selecting the ‘Merge 31 images’ option, the resultant PDF is 301MB.

In the end, the result of the merge was a PDF file. That was the point I was making.

You are talking about the output of two different applications here.
That’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. This is especially true since merging images in Preview involves merely printing to PDF. This has to take printers, pages, sizes, etc. into consideration.

Okay, thanks for the info, good to know :slight_smile:

So to return to the original post (apologies for the digression), I can find the jpeg fine on D3 through a search, but the same file in the same location on DTG does not come up in the search if I leave it as a jpeg. If I convert into a PDF, then I can find that (though not the jpeg from which it sprung naturally).

Can you alter the type of doc you search for in DTG? I ask in case I’ve accidentally set it to look for PDFs only.


Are you searching by name? If so use the name: search prefix in DEVONthink To Go’s search field.

If that doesn’t help, what are you using for a search term?

As a last option…
If you can’t find items in a search in DTTG2, select Help > Appendix > URL Commands > Performing Service Tasks and click the Execute link under reindex .

Yes, I was just searching by the name of the file, in this case TEST1234 - it found the PDF of that name, but not the JPEG. Using the name: prefix did not seem to help, but the last option of reindexing did the trick. When I then searched for TEST1234, it found the jpeg, plus it appears all the other jpegs it was not finding before either.

Many thanks for your help

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: