Syncing methods

Presently, I’m using the local WiFi (Bonjour??) to sync my iOS device and Mac together. It works fine, when I remember to make both apps active to launch the sync. I do have a Synology NAS which might be a good substitute in order to sync without a network connection. If I edit something on the road, I would love to have it automatically sync without having to be home on my local network. I don’t want to use iCloud as that would require additional fees for more than 5GB. I do have a Dropbox account. What is the most efficient and recommended way of syncing outside of a local network?

There isn’t a “most efficient” and recommended method.
Supported cloud services (of which iCloud Drive is not for mobile) can be used but there are always inherent limitations with remote Sync locations. A service like Dropbox or Box is the easiest way to approach it.

As a side note, give careful thought as to whether you need Sync to happen remotely. Is there a Mac that someone is using (like a colleague or employee) and requires quicker updates? A remote Sync isn’t necessarily optimal just because it can be done.

Remote is convenient and seems to be where any apps are going. Is remote syncing unreliable and prone to corruption? I think its strictly the convenience I like. Manual backups for my Mac keeps my mind occupied enough at the end of a day (I don’t keep my external drives connected and powered all the time).

It’s not “prone to corruption” in the way you probably imagine, but reliable? All remote connections have inherent limitations due to poor network conditions, slow / unresponsive servers, etc. This is just a fact and these are things we have no control over.

If you don’t have a need to update machines quickly, a Bonjour connection when your devices are on the same local network is a great a fast way to Sync.

I’m not sure why you’re mentioning backups but, Sync is not intended or advocated as a backup. We strongly advocate proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar application) and external drives.

Syncing DEVONthink is just another item to add to the list at the end of the day, is what I’m saying. No bigee. Thanks for the input.

For some reason, it takes at least one restart to get the DTTG on the iPhone to sync. Constantly being told (in the Bonjour setting) that it’s “offline.” In actuality, it’s connected to the same network as always.

Do you have Bonjour On for both devices - Mac and mobile?

Bonjour is on for both iPhone and iPad. As far as I can see, there is no need to enable it on a Mac as it’s built in. I do have File Sharing turned on. If Bonjour wasn’t on, I wouldn’t get any sync at all, correct?

There’s less need to have it On for the mobile devices, unless they are hosting their own databases. In a Mac and mobile environment, this is less often the case. Typically, the Mac has the databases that are hosted and the mobile devices act as clients.

I have Enable Incoming Connections enabled in Bonjour Options in DTTG settings. That’s required, right?

No. It only needs to be On - on Mac or mobile - if the device is hosting its own databases.

My 2 devices are only clients. My Mac is the host.

If Bonjour is On on the iOS devices, they are acting as servers as well. Turn it Off on those devices. It doesn’t need to be On if they’re not hosting their own databases.

Having said that, I do some editing on each device at times. Does this mean that they serve as a host as well?

Just turned Bonjour on my iPhone off and created a new text file. Synced over to Mac no problem.

I’m confused now. I turned off Bonjour on my iPad and nothing will sync over to my Mac but the created text file synced from my iPhone to my iPad. Also, in the Sync preferences on my Mac, both devices (which are checked) are listed as offline. The “Synchronize” under File on my Mac is also grayed out.

It’s obvious you had the iPad acting as a server for the iPhone. Could the Mac act as a client too? Yes, again IF the iPad is hosting its own databases.

You’re not providing enough information here.
Did you start your databases on the Mac? If yes, then it’s ideal (and logical) to turn On Bonjour on the Mac and connect the mobile devices. You would import the databases from the Mac and they would continue to be clients of the Mac. This is the most common scenario.

Yes, I started everything on my Mac. Both my iPad and iPhone were set up as Clients (although I did have “enable incoming connections” on both devices. So, how do I get this straight?

I just checked my Prefs on my Mac and found File Sharing was not on (which I believe is Bonjour). I just turned it on.

Both devices are still listed as Offline.

Okay, things seem to be coming across now. I went into Edit Locations on my devices and reentered the required password.

Again, you don’t need Bonjour to be On on the mobile devices. I suggest turning it Off on them.

No. System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing is unrelated.