Syncing my database to a family member’s DTTG app

I’d like to maintain a database of shared documents with my wife that we can each access from DTTG. (They would also be accessible from a Mac, but I would be the only user there.) We each have our own iCloud account and are connected in iCloud Family Sharing. We also each have our own free Dropbox accounts with our own sets of documents, with a few shared folders.

Right now I’m syncing this database (and several others) between the Mac and my iPhone and iPad via iCloud.

Do I correctly understand that if I want to sync with her DTTG app, I need to switch to Dropbox sync and we would both need to be logged into the local Dropbox app with the same Dropbox account on all our devices? And that we could not share the datastore between our accounts in some way?

I also see WebDav but I assume that becomes creaky quickly as the database grows.

Assuming you are both on the same local network in the house, probably first step would be to set up Bonjour synching with your machine being the one to “accept” incoming, and your wife sync to that. Full instructions for doing a Bonjour sync setup in the Manual.

I have no experience or knowledge of sharing a sync via iCould or Dropbox with different user accounts. My iMac and Macbook are synched running both Bonjour across the local network and Dropbox (with my account logged in on both of my machines) across the Internet.

What you are thinking about seems fraught with complications. For one, Free Dropbox doesn’t work with multiple accounts on the same machine so gaining access to the same sync files is probably tricky.

Why do you assume that? And what database size are you talking about?

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I could be wrong! In the past I’ve found WebDAV sync to not be super fast (with any service.)This database is several hundred MB, perhaps a few GB over time.

Bonjour might work, except for a few times a year. I’ll have to experiment with both Bonjour and WebDAV here.

My WebDAV sync database is about 420 GB and I’ve not noticed any degradation.

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That’s healthy. Is that locally hosted, or on NAS? I assume you’re not moving that around on a VPS with block storage.

It is in a Synology NAS at home, using standard Synology WebDAV service. I normally use it locally in my home network, but I have a 3rd Mac at office that gets the sync database via DDNS, all cases HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt auto-renewed certificate thanks to Synology.


To follow up, I was mistaken that my wife needed to be logged into the Dropbox app with my account for us to sync. We were able to set up DTTG sync for her by deleting her Dropbox app, having her auth in browser with my account (not using up one of my three devices) to start syncing DTTP, and then putting back her app with her login. My free account has 22GB, and I’m moving some data from it into DT, so it works for syncing a few GB.

I’ll continue looking into local NAS webdav as a long-term solution and for larger databases.