Syncing new email

I have a database dedicated to email archiving from Outlook. When I re-sync, it seems that the latest import is always one or two days behind. For example, syncing today (12/27) brought in email only up to 12/24. My process is to go to the import section on the left-hand panel, select the email account, and select Archive Mailbox. Is this the correct procedure?

Yes, that is the correct procedure.

  • Have you Control-clicked the mail account in the View > Import sidebar and chosen Refresh?
    • If so, have you quit and relaunched Outlook?

I had not tried that. What just now worked was that I clicked on Inbox in the Import page and then after it had updated, right-clicked Archive and that worked. Is that the suggested workflow?

If you’re archiving the mail account’s .inbox, yes. You can use the same Archive command on subsequent days to archive new emails.

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