syncing not possible.


I am trying to sync between a macbook air and an imac using the wifi for our house.

I made some changes in the order of some files in a data base. Now I get a message saying that there is a more than a 10% difference in my files.

I tried putting downloading that database using a USB drive. Still, I get the same message.

What should I do.

If I get this message, I am assuming that the connection is not the problem.

Thanks, :neutral_face:
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How many items does the database contain (see File > Database Properties panel) and is it possible that 10% of them have been changed?


47 mb. I later thought that I just pasted the data base of the other computer into the documents file. Maybe I have to import it to get it to register with DTOP.

I changed the place of a file. 59 kb moved.

It seems I have to have both computer on and DTOP also has to be running in order to Sync. That is a pretty tall order.

I have unlimited webspace with my webhost. Maybe I should sync everything there and then Sync it again to the other computer. That way I can be doing it all the time and I don’t have to continually have both computers running. Is that a possible set up?

What settings do I need to impliment.

Ellen Madono

A Direct Connection Sync requires both machines to be on and running DEVONthink.
You would import the database from one machine to the other via the Direct Connection.

If your hosting service has WebDAV, it’s possible to use that as a Sync mechanism that wouldn’t require both machines to be on.

I think that webDAV is just too vulnerable.

Both DT on both computers are open.
On computer A the connection is being made. On computer B, the log says "Could not open the connection (The operation could not be completed.) " So, that means that something is wrong with the connection on Computer B and I should mimick the connection on Computer A?


Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.