Syncing not working anymore since 2.9.5


since i’ve updated to 2.9.5 this morning my sync doesn’t work anymore.

I am syncing to Dropbox and everytime i try to sync , the log says :

Databases located in cloud folders can not be syncronized.

Any idea what this could be ?

Any help is much appreciated.

Are you running Sierra, and did you choose the Sierra option to sync your Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud? That would trigger the message you saw. The reason is that iCloud storage would be dangerous for your databases.

Recommended: Move your database files to a folder within your User Library.

Yes, i am running sierra on 1 Computer right now . The other one i haven’t upgraded yet , because Devonthink wasn’t working correctly yet.

Where do i choose the Sierra Option to sync ?

I am not using iCloud to sync, i am using Dropbox.

ok, i think i see what you’re saying.

My Databases were indeed in the Documents Folder which is uploaded to iCloud.

I moved that now to a separate user folder. Trying again now