Syncing not working on DTTG

Working from home so much, I hadn’t been relying on DTTG. Now I realize in the About screen that it hasn’t synced since February :flushed:

I sync through WebDav, which is working great between my Macs. I think I have the configuration set up correctly in DTTG. There are no error messages and my various databases appear in the Locations page of the sync set up. Each database in that list says “Local/Remote.”

If I pull down to refresh my list of of databases in DTTG, the cloud icon at the bottom of the screen starts to animate, gets about 5% in and then stops doing anything. Tapping the cloud icon does nothing.

Is this just a matter of being patient or might there be a problem I need to fix?

Thanks for your guidance.

– Robert

That indicates the database(s) have never synced.

Please post a scteen capture of what you’re describing. Thanks.

OK, a bit more detail: I already had a WebDav configuration on the iPad. It definitely synced with that at one point, because I have files on my iPad from the WebDav location. This initial configuration shows a list of my databases that just says “Local” next to each (as opposed to “Local/Remote”). Since this first configuration wasn’t syncing I created the second one and disabled the first. The only difference between them was that I noticed the sync store name was capitalized differently, and thought that might have something to do with the problem.

So, I’ve disabled the second WebDav configuration and returned to the original one. The behaviors, however, are the same. If I pull down to refresh the main list of databases, DTTG spins for a few seconds, the cloud button/icon at the bottom of the screen begins to fill, but then stops after about 5%. The cloud button is then disabled (i.e., pressing it does nothing).

I should add that my DTTG on my iPhone is syncing without issues.

You haven’t enabled syncing any of these databases to this dt2021 sync location :thinking: Why not?

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Why not? Because I can’t read, apparently.

This warning message box confused me. I thought it was saying I’d overwrite my sync store with a partial database from my iPad. Now that I read it carefully, I realize that’s not what it says and I am syncing normally.

Thanks, as always, for your patience, Jim.

– Robert

Haha! No worries :slight_smile: