Syncing Patterns

I have a Mac mini that runs 24x7 and hosts the primary installation of DTPO. I have a number of databases that are being shared out over the local network (via Bonjour) to my iPad, iPhone & MacBook. All is working perfectly. I have also experimented with Dropbox syncing and this also worked very well. I also understand how you can configure the system to sync some databases locally and others via DropBox, as well as the inherent compromises with a Dropbox based approach; i.e. some latency and the inevitable delay of cloud syncing (upload and download speeds).

My questions:

  • is there a preference or recommendation for either Dropbox or Bonjour, from a reliability perspective ?
  • if a database is configured to sync over both Bonjour and Dropbox, what happens when a client is on the local network

My scenario will be 75% usage based at home, so Bonjour appears preferable from a speed and latency perspective. However, I would also like the ability to connect when away from home. So ideally I would like to set up both methods of sync for each database and primarily use Bonjour, with syncing going on in the background to DropBox.

Many thanks

Generally speaking, Bonjour on your local network should be more reliable than a remote Sync option.
Obviously, Bonjour is not usable in remote Sync situations, so the remote Sync option would be the winner.

It will Sync to all locations it has an active Sync with.