Syncing Problem Files Don't Move

I opened pdf’s into DTTG on iPad. They had hideous Apple names.

I sync’d them to desktop Devonthink Pro. I renamed them. I moved them to a syncing folder in a different database from the general inbox.

I resync’d DTTG with DTPro.

In DTTG, pdf’s do not change name nor do they move to the database to which I moved them to. Also, the newly named files do not move to DTTG from the sync folder of the new database.

What’s wrong. What do I do? I worry about losing data.

We are aware of some syncing issues when moving files and are looking into them.

A possible workaround that’s been suggested is to rename the files after a move. I know you renamed the PDF’s before you moved them, but could you try renaming them again and see if DTTG picks up on the changes then?

Also, after syncing, were the files still how you expected them to be in DEVONthink Pro (proper names, in the proper databases)?

I’m having this problem as well and renaming the files after moving them in the desktop version seems to fix it. The files remain where I moved them in DTPO and show up in the expected group in DTTG.


BTW Jon you look way too young to have ever used a TRS-80 :wink:

Glad that worked for you!

Sadly, none of the information about my computer background posted on April 1 was true. The furthest back I can claim is growing up with a Macintosh 512ke (plus Apple II’s in school).

Attempted fix:

1: open PDF in DTTG in iAnnotate.
2: rename file in iAnnotate
3: open iAnnotate file with DTTG (duplicated files with 2 different names)
4: sync to DTPro global inbox
5: move PDF to correct database in the sync folder of correct database
6: sync DTTG including correct database sync folder

1: PDF with old name and new name still in Global inBox in DTTG
2: PDF in DTPro in correct database sync folder.

how can I get the files added to DTTG to sync with DTPro and then move the files to correct database in DTPro so that they will sync to the correct database on DTTG?



I will now try renaming after moving.



1: Open PDF in DTTG with hideous name
2: Sync with DTPro
3: Change name in DTPro
4: Sync DTTG (result name changes correctly in DTPro and DTTG)
5: Move PDF with new name to correct database sync folder
6: sync DTTG

PDF with new name does not move to database sync file as seen in DTPro and remains in Global InBox

Please help me figure out how to collect files on iPad, sync them to DTPro, sort them into the correct database and then move them back in the correct database on DTTG.


1: removed file from sync folder in DTPro and synced DTTG
2: this removed the file from Global Inbox on DTTG
3: replaced file to sync folder in correct database and synced DTTG
4: file now appears in the correct database sync folder.

Seems like lots of steps to get a file into the correct database?

Any words of advice or encouragement?

Could you try the following?

1: Open PDF in DTTG with hideous name
2: Sync with DTPro
3: Move PDF with hideous name to correct database sync folder
4: Change name in DTPro
5: sync DTTG

I tried the renaming after moving work-around and found my PDFs were listed in the right places in DTTG, but didn’t display when selected. There is a work-around though that I think accounts for all moving problems. It means doing all the things you normally would, but tidies up with an export / delete / import procedure:

  1. After synching, rename and tag your files in Global Inbox on your Mac version of DT.
  2. Export these files into a folder on your desktop and then delete them from your Global Inbox.
  3. Sync again - this therefore empties Global Inbox on DTTG.
  4. Import your exported files into the folders you want them in on your Mac databases. The tags should import with them.
  5. Sync - everything should now be hunky-dory!

I don’t know if it’s been discussed already, but I have noticed that replicants are not displayed in DTTG, which can be confusing. The originals will be there if synched of course, they just won’t appear in all the other places where their tagging would normally make them appear.