Syncing problem with Inbox

Since 1.0.2 most of the sync problems were resolved. But even after 1.1. a syncing problem with Global Inbox items remains. It happens quite often that items in the Global Inbox that I’ve moved to another folder remain in the Global Inbox folder on DTTG after syncing.

I know there are lots of threads about syncing issues (an issue for all iOS apps actually, not only DTTG), and that there might be no solution in the near future before the new syncing system is ready… so that’s just “for the record”

I thought this was fixed for me, but I’m still having this problem with bookmarks created on DTTG with the bookmarklet in mobile safari.

Also, plain texts created in DTTG, synced to DTPO, then deleted, will be deleted on the next sync in DTTG, but DTPO will hang and DTTG will crash in the process.