Syncing problems (versions?)

I have DTTG and DTP 2.0.9. The only version of DTTG that shows up in the App store is version 1.0.2 and that’s the version I have on my iPad. I cannot get syncing to work. It doesn’t help that the documentation seems to be non-existanant.

When I click on what I presume is the syncing icon (I can’t find any documentation other than the FAQ on the home screen all I get is a dialog box which says ‘Please select a computer on your local network:’. My computer is shown so I click on it but nothing happens. The only option is to hit Cancel or Reset Synchronization Settings. Why is the version number listed on your website as 1.1 when that isn’t available via the store?

Welcome to the sync problem that has been with us since DTTG launched. Apparently V1.1 has been submitted to the Apple app store, but is still in the review loop before it is released. Keep checking.

So I guess it’s true that NO one with an iPad or iPhone can sync items created on those devices back to DT on one’s Mac.

I seem to recall this being a problem when I tried using DTTG about 8 months ago. And it’s still going on? Unbelievable.

Especially when products like Things, OmniFocus, iBank, DayLite, Evernote, and MacJournal–apps made by both much larger and much smaller companies–are updating their iOS counterparts almost monthly.

DEVON, in case you’re unaware, people in the U.S. (at least) are buying iOS devices like Coke or Red Bull. There’s a huge change taking place, a shift toward mobile devices, and it’s important that you keep up. Please!

It’s obvious that you’re falling behind from the over half dozen threads here on the SAME ISSUE.

Don’t get me wrong–I love DT, and love it more every day–but the mobile component(s) that you’re come out with so far are miserable. Woefully inadequate.

I’ll be taking DTTG off my iPhone and iPad as soon as I get done submitting this posting.

My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering over this extremely limited iOS app.

No, that’s not true. I have successfully brought both PDF and RTF files created on the iPad onto my Mac.


I don’t have problems syncinng to the Mac new documents created on my iPad DT TG database, including plain text notes, bookmarks and HTML documents. I’m usig DT Pro Office 2.0.9 and DT TG 1.0.2.