Syncing problems

I have set up a sync between my iPhone and Mac using the DropBox option. Everything seems to be working well. Last night I placed three bookmarks in my global inbox on my iPhone. Today they do not appear in DTPO on my Mac. When I went into the iPhone app and manually began a sync, they appeared on the Mac almost instantaneously – well done Devonthink! But shouldn’t this sync automatically?

Yes, but we also can’t account for any issues in your network or Dropbox’s server responses.

When you set synchronization to Automatically, DTTG2 syncs on a regular schedule. However, when you add the bookmarks and very soon switch of the device’s screen, iOS withdraws all access rights to files as part of the build-in data encryption. Even DTTG2 itself cannot synchronize now as it has no rights to access its own files unless you as the owner allow it by unlocking the device.

As soon as you did and pulled DTTG2 to front, it did what it was supposed to do.