Syncing snags

I’ve set up syncing with DropBox, but my sync attempts are failing every time due to verification errors. In one database, there is ONE missing file that “Verify & Repair…” can’t seem to do anything with, and even a full “Rebuild Database…” didn’t solve the problem.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot my syncing?

Right-click on the missing file in Window > Log and get rid of it. Then empty the Trash for the database (which you’re hopefully not using as live storage). Then double-check with a Verify & Repair.

Great tip—didn’t know I could invoke “reveal” in the log. Thanks!

Not a problem. Right-clicking isn’t as common for native Mac Users, but for Windoze converts (or cross-platformers), it happens more often. :^)

Okay, next snag…

It keeps canceling the sync for things like this: “document_x.pdf: Couldn’t retrieve the content for the record; the record may be incomplete or damaged.”

But the thing is simply that this is a PDF with form fields, and when you open it directly in DevonThink it DOES open. So it’s not incomplete or damaged.

What now?

It’s talking about the data on Dropbox, not in DEVONthink.

Is your database in a Dropbox folder?

I would do a Clean Location and start fresh (or consider whether Dropbox is the best option for your Sync needs. It isn’t always the best option.)