Syncing templates folders?

Is there any reason that I shouldn’t sync the DT Templates folders two systems?

Usually this shouldn’t cause any issues. How exactly do you want to synchronize this folder?

I would sync it to a folder on my Synology NAS using the Synology software.

Why would you sync it to your NAS?
Can you clarify your intent?

I want the templates that i edit on my iMac to appear on my MBP. Clearly this would be a good use case for peer-peer syncing and I used to run Resilio for that purpose but several years ago I moved away from Resilio and started using Synology Cloud Sync. I create a folder on the NAS and then sync both Macs to that folder. It is fast and reliable. I sync about a half dozen folders this way. (I have one sync’d folder with my wife and, among many other things, we use that as a Sync store for a DEVONTHink database that we want to share.) (I share my own though iCloud).