syncing the iPad back to iTunes

watch out everyone!

I was so excited last night to have DTTG, that I immediately synced things and was playing around with the actual application.

Then, upon getting home today, I synced back to iTunes so that I could load the app onto the phone, too…

ouy… it took forever. iTunes could back up my iPad under a minute before. Now, with only 750 MB of devonthink data synced into DTTG, it took at least a half hour to back up the iPad in iTunes.

Is there a way to tell iTunes to not worry about the DTTG data set (after all, that data syncs back to DTPO, so why sync it in to the iPad backup – kind of a recursive replication if you think about it – hopefully iTunes doesn’t get it’s syncing messed up and inadvertently revert documents in DTTG).

yeah i think it is possible for an app to not back up to iTunes. I’ve seen other apps with such settings so it seems dttg would need to add it.

For iPad syncing speed, iOS 4.2 is much better. :slight_smile:

The first backup after major changes to DtTG will take a fair amount of time, yes. However, it gets much better as it is unlikely you’ll be deleting/reloading you entire database between every backup. As far as I know, this is not specific to DtTG.

Oh, rub it in, will you! :laughing:

Thanks for notifying us. We will have a look at this.

Thanks Eric!

I know that you have more pressing functionality issues, but because DTTG is already syncing data to DTP, the backup created of the physical files on iTunes seems to be overkill.

Plus, it’ll make the iTunes cycle behave better.

So, as far as low lying fruit towards improvement, this seems like an easy switch that can be set somewhere that makes a drastic improvement in performance.