Syncing via Dropbox when Dropbox app sync is paused?

I can’t work this out.

I have my DEVONthink packet sync folder in the Dropbox “Apps” folder set not to sync to the Finder, via its “selective sync”, to free up space. So the sync store gets synced to and from Dropbox without the files having to appear in my Finder. Standard practice as I assume.

But - will DT3 sync my data to and from Dropbox if the macOS Dropbox app is set to “Pause Syncing”?

Yes. Our sync engine doesn’t use the Dropbox application at all. In fact, there’s no need to even have it installed on a Mac to use Dropbox with our sync.

We sync directly to their servers.

Well that’s brilliant, and you know I think quite important, because I’ve just discovered what an inordinate RAM hog Dropbox is.

When syncing is paused, my RAM usage plummets. I know RAM is there to be used, but Dropbox really grabs it.

I have a feeling I might go through my Dropbox folder and see what I can sync elsewhere.

Nice to know DT3 will keep syncing whether or not I use the Dropbox app. Thanks again.

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You’re welcome