Syncing with 2 Devices

I had syncing down pat with my iPad which I recently sold. Haven’t been able to get sync to work with my iPhone yet. I have a new iPad 4th Gen coming next week and would like to get syncing in order. Is there any problem syncing to 2 devices? My iPhone is recognized. I enter the code, but it can never complete a sync. Not sure what’s going on there.

Sync works fine with 2 devices-I sync with an iPad and iPhone myself. Are you trying to sync a large number of documents and/or databases to the iPhone? What may have synced fine to your iPad may have done so because you added files to over time. Now if you try to send the same volume to the iPhone in one chunk, it chokes.

I have found that I can sync and maintain a large number of files to iOS as long as the first syncs to a new device are done gradually. Hopefully the new sync solution that DEVON is working on will make this unnecessary in the future.

I went into Settings and Reset DTTG. Took awhile, but the next sync worked.