Syncing with a database on someone else's Dropbox account?

Is this even possible? DropBox seems to insist on sequestering the DevonThink data in the Apps/ folder which can’t be shared with another user.

Short of this, is there a good way to share a DropBox database with someone else other than LAN?

No, you cannot share across Dropbox accounts. In collaborative environments, people often use a shared Dropbox account.

I use a Dropbox Business account. It operates a bit differently than the consumer account, I believe, in terms of folder sharing and synchronizing. Do you know if saving to a folder under a Dropbox for Business account will work properly?

I don’t know for certain but there are limitations imposed by Dropbox that developers can’t circumvent, so I’d be surprised if this is possible. Also, since we have already developed for the lack of cross-Account Syncing and we are far, far into Sync 2 development, it would be unlikely to be implemented at this point.

Could you give an update on Sync 2 progress? Thanks! Jeremy

Yes, it’s in progress, very actively.

No, we don’t project when it will be released. :slight_smile: