Syncing with a Mac questions

I primarily create documents on iOS and am thinking of getting DTTG.

My understanding is that with DTTG, I can sync between my iPad and iPhone with client-side encryption. Is this correct?

I also back up to a Mac. I don’t feel that I need DT for Mac as I do not work on it, but could I send newly created docs from DTTG via wifi on my local network to the Mac for backup? Could I essentially sync directly with the Mac’s Finder all new docs, or would I need to do it one doc at a time? Would this be over WebDav or something else? Is metadata (timestamps…) preserved?

Through USB iTunes File Sharing, can I access files stored in DTTG and copy them to the Mac directly?

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If you are using a remote Sync location, like CloudMe, you can optionally use an encryption key so the data is transmitted and stored encrypted.

No. You need DEVONthink on the Mac to Sync with (likely Pro at a minimum). Also, you should not treat Sync as a primary backup mechanism. That is not its intended purpose.

See above.

WebDAV isn’t natively available in macOS. You’d need macOS Server, a WebDAV-enabled NAS, etc.
Direct Syncing - device to device - can be done via Bonjour on a local network.



(Edited as I was unaware the Bonjour password was acting as an encryption key as well.)

Thanks Jim for your reply.

Just to be clear, are you saying there is no way in DTTG to send individual documents to the Mac’s Finder via Bonjour direct sync without having DT for Mac?

That is correct.

Synchronizing via Bonjour is actually always encryped :open_mouth:

If you want to send a single file to your Mac you can, of course, use the Share sheet in DEVONthink To Go and use AirDrop. That’s the standard iOS way for sending single files.

Note that it’s pretty easy to set up a WebDAV server on macOS, without macOS Server (which Apple is discontinuing anyway).

For example: … 2894?mt=12