Syncing with Cloud Kit not working

I updated to DTTG 3 and switched to Sync via Cloud Kit. I have four databases, one of which is syncing the other are shown as synced on the MacBook with no fies in the corresponding database on the iPad. Also one fo the databases is syncing now for days (Size 30GB). On the iPad the same picture one DB is in sync the other three not. Does anyone have a hint for me to get things working?

According to the screenshot data is still downloaded from iCloud (CloudKit), the databases were probably not yet (completely) imported from the remote location.

I have this situation for more than a week - the databases should have had enough time to download (500MB down / 50MB up). Could this really last so long?

It shouldn’t. Were any issues logged? Are you able to verify the sync location successfully (e.g. via the contextual menu in Preferences > Sync on the Mac)?

I am a new user, but also had issues with syncing to DTTG 3 using iCloud Kit. The sync went on for days with the indication that syncing was in process with iCloud, but with large numbers of files not showing.

What fixed the problem for me was to uninstall DTTG 3, then reinstall it and start syncing to iCloud Kit. This time the sync completed within a couple of hours with no issues.

The sync location in the preferences menu is CloudKit (on the MacBook, the Mac mini and the iPad). The iPad shows "sync is ok, but no files in DB “Wissenschaft” - I deactivated the other to speed up. Database mg is OK on the iPad, but not in sync on the MacBook. The MacBook synced the wohl nicht and seems to hang at about 70k files (see screenshots). So, what to do? Start over with re-installing?

Apple Servers clearly not cooperating with you. Try another sync method?

Please try to verify the sync location first as suggested, is this successful?

What exactly is meant by “verify”. I have chosen preferences/sync and than I saw wat is seen at the screenshot above. Everything seems to be ok, “wissenschaft” in sync - but this is not the case.

See contextual menu of the sync location in Preferences > Sync.

On the Mac mini the contextual menu is woking, on the MacBook all entries except the last one (“Liste aktualisieren”) are greyed out.

Disable syncing any databases to this location and make sure Window > Activity isn’t showing any sync progress. Then you should be able to verify the location.

Hi m.g.
The synchronisation (via CloudKit) also stuck for me, or didn’t seem to be progressing.
Maybe the hint already came, but for me it seems to be the problem when DTTG is not running in the foreground.
I solved it by leaving all my devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad) on overnight (auto-lock switched off).For my databases (a little more than 50 GB) I did it two nights like this.
For my databases (a little more than 50 GB) I did it t two nights like this.
I also let the synchronisation run from time to time during the day and activated it manually (right click on the Mac in the sync settings, and dragging down on the iOS devices.

Not an elegant solution, but it worked for me.
I don’t know if all that was necessary or if the sync just took so long in the background, but now everything is as it should be.

I did this, on the iPad it did not help. System shows all is in sync but there out of four databases are simply empty. I left the iPad running for about three days - no result. On the MacBook ant the MacMini it worked for a few days (as far as I can see this), but now the databases are out of sync, the Macbook claims all is in sync, but it is not. The MacMini finds inconsistencies which can not be repaired (what can I do here?). The sync on the MacMino is frozen since 2021-03-09.
So at the Moment working on iPad or MacBook is not possible, I only use one machine to keep business running. Could it be a solution to go back to legacy?

I did this, but it didn’t help (iPad ran for about three days, claims to everything is ok, but the databases are empty). :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that.

I would try to empty the cloud from within DEVONthink (right Klick on on iCloud (CloudKit)), delete the iPad App and empty the cloud-storage that DEVONthink from within the iPad Settings (iCloud Storage).
After it is emptied - this will take a few minutes - download the App again and starting all over again. First creating a new CloudKit Sync Location with a new encryption on the Mac and so on.

Not very elegant but maybe worth a try.

That has helped me another time with sync problems.