Syncing with DTTG 1.5.4 loses the global inbox

I just purchased DTTG 1.5.4 and installed it on my iPad Air and am having serious difficulties.

I created a folder in my global inbox and then tried clipping some web pages in Safari, which got put into my global inbox also, but I was unable to move them into the folder I’d just created. From what I read in the forum, this seems to be impossible.

Then I created a folder I called DevonThink in the Mobile Sync folder on the computer and put a few plain text files and one rich text file in it. I’m using Devonthink personal version 2.8.2. I synced this to DTTG with no problem — except that my global inbox has now disappeared, along with all its content. Apparently it’s hiding somewhere because when I search for an item I can remember having put there it appears (the item — not the whole inbox). But after having done the sync, I see only what looks like a file icon with the name “Your Documents”, which contains everything I synced from the computer.

Is there some way to make the global inbox and its contents visible again?

When you connect to DEVONthink Personal, where there is no global inbox, the inbox database in DEVONthink To Go is replaced with the contents of the database on the Mac. Unfortunately there is no way to bring back that data. If everything went as expected the app should have warned you about this; if not it’s clearly a shortcoming on our side and I apologize for the inconveniences.

No, I got no warning. Fortunately, nothing important was lost because I was just experimenting with Dttg, so it’s only an “inconvenience”. If I had put anything important in there it would have been more serious. I hope this will get fixed.