Syncing with webdav using two-factor-authentificating possible?

After I added 2FA to my webdav server syncing does not work. See below the message. Is there a way to get this working . The contents of the server are also locally.

17/10/2021, 18:40:15: <url> Authentication failed.

Bad idea, unless you want to sync manually. But even then it would only work if DT and DTTG supported 2FA. Of which I see no indication.

Iā€™m not sure that I understand what you mean. Care to elaborate?

Thanks for the response.
Thought when i already connect to the webserver i could sync without 2FA. Have removed for now 2FA for the webserver.

Man, please, edit your message and remove or change your login URL! It could be used by bad people to try to enter into your system using known zero days or brute force.

Do it ASAP!

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Thanks. Have changed thr adress.

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