Hi, sure it’s been mentioned loads of times.

I never remember to sync when at home. Would be great to use DTTG and just point it at a database on dropbox and it can autosync etc


This is already in the works.

Great ! :smiley:

Cloud syncing would definitely be a huge advantage (iCloud anyone? :slight_smile: ), but for now I’d just be happy if the sync process only involved a single button rather than the convoluted multi-step process we’re currently faced with.

IMHO, the app should sync automatically at startup (or at least there should be an option to do so), and performing a manual sync should involve simply pressing the sync button and having it happen, rather than having to go through two additional taps to select a computer and then hit the “Synchronize” button on the “Select the databases” screen.

Basically, sync configuration should be different from the process to initiate a sync. The user shouldn’t have to go through the whole process every time.

Configuration may be critical for some users. For example, I sync from different datases on the same computer with my iPad and iPod Touch. And from a different computer and a different set of databases with a second iPad.

So, back in March DT announced in the replies above that cloud syncing was in the works. When might we expect to see it? I find setting up a peer-to-peer wifi network and the multi-step process (especially since DTTG doesn’t always find the connection) to be so cumbersome as to be useless for my purpose. I take my iPad to all of my (many) meetings, take notes, and then need those notes to be in my DT database (which I use intensively on my office and home desktop machines). I’ve given up on DTTG syncing, and now just take my notes in Evernote and transfer them (via AppleScript) to DT. Even that is slow and frustrating enough that some days I’m tempted to just switch to Evernote altogether…


I’m going to guess that soe posts like this about when expected features will become available aren’t always answered as a matter of policy. Many companies work like thaat. No one wants to promise something at a given time and then not deliver becasue of unexpected delays.

Having said that, as an average user, I didn’t expect this feature so soon. iOS5 was just released and even though its been in beta, almost no one other than Apple has gotten programs that sync through iCloud out. Goodreader is the only complex one that I personally use that has done so (I do have one game that is syncing my settings). And, of course, Goodreader doesn’t have a desktop equivalent to worry about. Indeed, there are no programs at all that are syncing documents to and from the desktop. That includes Apple who actually has an FAQ on their website stating that iWork documents have to be downloaded and uploaded manually from the iCloud website.

Based upon what I see - and I’m just a user looking from the outside in - you could reasonably expect syncing between iOS5 devices at some point in the reasonably near future if the developers decide that’s worthwhile. But I wouldn’t expect syncing with the desktop any time soon. Certainly not before the people at Apple, themselves, have implemented it.

Tom S.

Good points, Tom. But this is not a problem that needed iCloud to solve. And others have solved it.

Apple for example: iCal syncs.

Dropbox syncs file storage from desktop to my iPad.

Things has had a syncing solution in beta for a few months now (the length of beta is making me antsy and thinking of switching back to OmniFocus, which syncs).

And of course, Evernote does it, a direct (albeit less featured) alternative to DT.

For certain apps – and my note-taking database (DT for now) is one – mobility and thus tablet and phone syncing (real syncing, not set-up-an-ad-hoc-wifi-net-every-time syncing) seem essential to their core users, and thus will be essential for market survival. The world is going mobile, fast, and developers will have to adapt or lose. I’m seeing lots of people bring iPads to meetings now instead of laptops, but most of them complain to me (known early adopter) about broken productivity apps or syncing. Developers who solve this early have a chance. Despite it’s limited feature set, casual observation suggests that DT has been losing quite a few existing or potential customers to Evernote for this reason. I know I’ve been thinking about whether I can make the switch to gain the sync-everywhere advantages.

(By the way, I’m not writing this to “win” an argument with Tom, whose observations are quite good. I’m writing this hoping DT folks might read, urging them to make real syncing a priority before they lose more customers)

Right now we’re in a beta of the new sync code for DEVONthink. I’ve also begun working on adding it into DEVONthink To Go. The plan is to test, then release for DEVONthink first, fix any bugs that come up after the public release, then release for DEVONthink To Go.

I realize that’s not as specific as you might like, but hopefully it still helps to have a general overview of where we’re at.

Thanks Jon. Yes, of course, I’d like a firmer timeline (esp. for DTG), but I do understand why developers don’t want to promise release deadlines. Your answer is reassuring and helpful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

In agreement with this. I don’t want to have to configure the sync computer and sync database every time I sync. The majority of users will have the same sync settings every time. Why not make these options part of the sync config settings?

We intend to do this with the new sync process. :slight_smile:

Wondering, if real-time / instant database-sharing is on your roadmap, beside the new sync.