I’m one of those freaks with three computers – a desktop upstairs and one downstairs, and a laptop, which is usually on my lap. DEVONthink is a lot more powerful than Yojimbo and Evernote, both of which I have – though I respect the market for those two is more consumer-based. One thing I find great about Yojimbo, though, is that when I drag something into it, it appears in Yojimbo on all my computers, because they sync in a cloud through MobileMe. DEVONthink may be too complex to be run in this way, but my dream would be to have DEVONthink databases running on whichever computer I was using and syncing on all of them regularly. That would be heaven. In the beginning I tried syncing just the database folder using ChronoSync, but I had a feeling that could cause problems, and I would have to make sure I had quit DEVONthink on the other computers before syncing, which would mean remembering something, and I’m no good at that. Anyway, that’s my big juicy request for a gorgeous, addictive program that’s now running my computer and my life.

So…yes, this has been asked before…and yes, DTech has responded in the past. Search the forum for “mobileme” and you’ll find those dialogs.

Thanks God. Hey, can you keep it from raining on Saturday? I’m having a barbecue.

Sure, but we’ll need to reschedule the rain on Sunday. :wink:

(it’s a DT annoyance that people who waste their lives posting here are called “god” :open_mouth: )

Maybe one day I’ll be one of your angels. Hey, I looked up mobileme, and found quite a lot of discussion… too much to wade through in one sitting. I got the impression that the main problem with syncing through a cloud was the size of the databases. That’s enough for me. Just wanted a reason. I still have Yojimbo and Evernote, maybe I’ll use different applications for different things. (I was trying to simplify my life (and my computer) and remove clutter… now I’m drowning in decluttering devices.) Anyway, I discovered DropBox in the forums, so I joined that. Thanks.