Syncstore moving from DT2 to DT3

As existing DT2 databases are moved across to DT3, the syncing merges the DT3 data with the DT2 data (which can take a while).

What’s the recommended best practice here?

Would it be best to clean the sync store first and start afresh with DT3 data?

There should be no issue with merging the data. However, if DEVONthink 3 has the master databases, i.e., the ones you want to be on other devices, yes you could clean and sync afresh from 3.

Thank you. I thought that might be the best course (cleaning out the sync store).

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

When the final version 3 comes out, will it offer to take over the syncing or sync store from v2? In other words, if I have databases A, B, and C in v2 which sync via a syncstore on, say, DropBox, will installing DTP3 provide an option to automatically inherit that syncstore (and disassociate DT2’s from that syncstore)?

I, too, would be interested in learning the best workflow for managing migration from DTPO2 to DT3.

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@cgrunenberg would have to comment on this as this part of the transition process isn’t in the betas yet.

Thought I would pass along my experiences on this. With beta7 exhibiting a good amount of strength and stability, I took the plunge and decided to open a ‘production’ database that hitherto had been reserved for DTPO2. It opened just fine, of course, and I merged it with the online syncstore that I had been using for DTPO2. No problems. Prior to this, I had been using a test syncstore in iCloud, whereas my ‘production’ syncstore is with Dropbox. All up, things seem to be working just fine with, again, that strength and stability that we had with DTPO2.

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I thought I would reply here rather than starting a new thread as I have a related (tho more basic issue) regarding upgrading from DT2 (DTPO) in my case to DT3.

I’ve had DTTG/DT2 syncing set up through Dropbox. When I go to add Dropbox to DT3, I click on the grayed-out Dropbox option under “Locations,” and then I’m redirected to Dropbox to sign in to my account. When I click Allow, though, Dropbox then redirects me to open–which is DT2, not DT3. The dialog box in DT3 hangs, and I can’t seem to proceed any further. Should I simply start over, or is there some other way I could authorize DT3?

Deinstalling at least temporarily version 2 of DEVONthink should fix this.

Yes, that did the trick. Thank you.

Worked for me as well - and the sync is way way faster than it used to be!!!

Tx Jim & DevonTechnologies team!!

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Thanks! :slight_smile: