SyncStores at multiple DropBox accounts

Is it only possible to have Locations at one DropBox account?

I can setup multiple SyncStores at a single DropBox account, but see no possibility to have another DropBox location at a different account.

i.e. Sync personal databases to a SyncStore at my personal DropBox account, and Sync business databases to a SyncStore at my company DropBox account.

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The Dropbox’s official API does not allow for multiple accounts to be connected. This limitation is also found on iOS (even on their own app), so this behavior is consistent across platforms.

Still tripping up on the differences between Mac to DropBox and iPad to DropBox syncing.

I understand there can be only one DropBox account on the iPad, so that is fine.

I then put separate databases in separate SyncStores, but at the same DropBox account. The reason being is some databases are not for all users, so keeping SyncStores separate with separate passwords is an easy solution.

However, now I do not see a way to add multiple SyncStores on the iPad? It seems like one SyncStore is all you can add?

So does that mean it is one DropBox and only one SyncStore per iPad?

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