SyncStory Sync Does Not Work (Permissions Erro?)

My Sync Store Syncs do not work anymore, though I was able to sync via a direct connection.

This is the error message that I receive:

9:02:44 a.m.: Sync: Inbox → DTPO_mobile_sync_store (Local Sync Store) Could not verify the store structure (You don’t have permission to save the file “DTPO_mobile_sync_store.dtSyncStore” in the folder “Sin título”. (The operation couldn’t be completed. Permission denied))

I checked the permissions for each database and the syncstore in the Finder’s info panel and made it so that everyone could read and write. And I did a verify and repair on several of the database, all to no avail.


Where is the syncStore located? Permissions can be modified by other processes - sometimes innocently, sometimes unthinkingly.

Have you done a Repair Permissions with Disk Utility? This would be the place I’d start.

You could also try a Tools > Rebuild Database before Syncing.

PS: Though it may be just my habit, I prefer a sudo chmod -R 777 in Terminal on the syncStore instead of using the Get Info pane in the Finder. (Note: As with anything in Terminal, do not just use things carelessly. I posted this for use in this instance with a syncStore. You are responsible beyond this use. Just sayin’ (and thanks to sjk for the reminder).)

“Have you done a Repair Permissions with Disk Utility? This would be the place I’d start.”

Thank you. I only recently saw your response. My SyncStore in on an external hard drive. Though I did not expect it to work, repairing permission as you suggested, on both my desktop and laptop, did the trick. I can Sync now.

Much appreciated!


Glad you’re back up and running. :^)