Syntax colouring?

Dear DT-Team,

my request is a bit related to the recent curly quotes request. At leat technically, that is. What I am asking for, is the possibility to automatically colour text segments inbetween certain “command signs”, such as “<” and “>” for html tags and the like. The reason is, that I am writing a lot of my stuff in LaTeX, and therefore still need to resort to an external editor like e.g. Alpha.

Basically, what I have in mind is a setup table like:

start                end         colour        comment
<                    >            magenta     html-tag
\                   SPACE         blue        TeX command
$                    $            green       TeX math mode

which could be even applicable on a document-to-document base (instead of a global setting), maybe connected to the documents suffix.

Do you think, this would be feasible?

All the best,