Syntax for external markdown style sheet residing internally in a DevonThink database

I am able to render the markdown style sheet if it resides in a subfolder of the folder of the markdown document.

It can’t get it to work if it resides in a different database within DevonThink.

I have a database, Bear and directly, (not within a subfolder), I have the css file buttondown.

This is the link syntax that I am using
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/Bear/buttondown.css" />


Control-click the stylesheet and copy the item link for use in the Markdown document.

Thanks, worked great.

As a followup, The style changes do not happen when I update the css file. I need to restart DevonThink.

Is this what is expected?


WebKit can cache the styling - DEVONthink doesn’t - so yes this can happen.

However, you can try Control-click > Convert to > HTML to check the change. Often this causes the Markdown to update as well.

Convert to > HTML didn’t help. No worries.

Thanks again. Your help is much appreciated.

You’re welcome