Syntax highlighting on links in Markdown metadata / frontmatter

I’m using Markdown for annotations and noticed the syntax highlighting seems to be confused with colons. The colons in links is not underlined. Probably because colons are also part of the MMD metadata field spec (although just the first colon). Clicking the links works, it’s just the syntax highlighting which seems to be confused.

Noted as a cosmetic effect.

Thanks. Just curious. In the example above the excerpt:: part is bold, but I cannot figure out why, because of what syntax?

AFAIK, there should be only one section between --- separators. That’s at least how it is in Hugo’s MD/frontmatter handling. You might want to check with the original MultiMarkdown documentation, though

Maybe it’s recognized as a heading level 2?

add any number of == characters for heading level 1 or – characters for heading level 2.

(Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide)

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Yes indeed it is. Lines directly beneath text are considered a heading indicator. It was just meant as a horizontal ruler, but then a blank line is needed above.

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The next release will fix this.

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