Syntax recognition for snippets

I wish DTP would recognize syntax and colorize accordingly (like TextMate) which would make it a great snippet-storing app (beyond all the other great things it does already). Maybe it could have some sort of TextMate bundle recognition plugin ?!?

Thanks for thinking about this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! As DEVONthink isn’t really a developer’s tool, that’s unlikely at the moment but we might consider it for future releases.

I guess most users would prefer us to spend time on improving the strengths (and fixing the shortcomings) instead of trying to be everything for everyone (and in the end nothing for noone :wink:)

If you use TextMate, consider using the “Create HTML from Document” choices in the TextMate bundle, import that, and make a link to your original on disk.

I think TextMate supports a URI scheme (ie like: “mate://”), but can’t locate info on it right now…

HTH, Charles

Here it is, from the manual:

Actually with Quicklook was able to make syntax be visible.