synthesized academic features

I just saw this: It’s aparently meant to be a synthesized academic research/writing/citation program.

Yes, yes…I know that DT offers so much more. And I personally can’t work without what DT offers me, both in my usage of its AI-abilities in my PDF & clippings storage, and my note-taking.

However, I am pointing out a general concept that many of the academics on here have been hoping for (not necessarily built into DT, but at least by working with other pre-existing academic pieces of software, such as Bookends).

We also know from Christian that the DEVONtech is cooking up some new stuff. Here’s to hoping that maybe an upcoming framework (2.0?) might allow for something across the lines of what has been mentioned here.

This looks like a nice app for performing online research using Firefox. It should be in public beta next week.

thanks for the post.