System-Wide Global Inbox Does Not Tranfer Files into DTPO

'Morning! I just started trying to use the system-wide global inbox that sits in my Favorite area of the the Finder. I copied both a Thunderbird email to this inbox and a pdf. Both simply sit in the system-wide global inbox and are not being transferred into DTPO itself.

Would appreciate any input on how to fix this issue. Thanks so much!

Does DEVONthink import the files after restarting the app?

First off, I want to say thank you for creating, developing, and maintaining such a WONDERFUL application. It is SO useful and helpful. I particularly like how it is open and has such flexibility. The app is increasingly making my life SO much easier. Thank you.

With regard to your question, I just quit DTPO and when I looked at the global inbox inside of DTPO, no I don’t see the files. When I look back out at the finder and the system-wide global inbox, I see that the files remain in there.

Still not working. Appreciate any input to fix. Thank you.

What’s the path of the Inbox in the Finder’s sidebar? Is it ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox in your user account? And does this folder contain any documents?

Yes to both questions.

Then the documents should be at least added to the global inbox after restarting the application. Could you please post a screenshot of the inbox folder and the global inbox database? Or send the screenshots to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!