System-wide OpenMeta tags and DEVONthink integration

I have been curiously exploring potential uses of DEVONthink Pro Office for my workflow. On the other hand, I am experimenting with system-wide OpenMeta tagging made convenient by Caseapps (Gravityapps) Tags. Does anybody have good or maybe great ideas on how to make the two play together?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

DEVONthink will recognize OpenMeta tags when documents are imported or indexed, and will write DEVONthink tags to documents when those documents are exported. As yet, DEVONthink does not create OpenMeta tags until the export occurs - i.e., documents that are tagged while in DEVONthink do not have OpenMeta tags. So, OpenMeta-aware utilities that search your disk for tagged documents will not find documents in DEVONthink databases unless those documents had tags before they were imported, or unless those documents are indexed.

(Searching the forum on OpenMeta will reveal a long set of threads of this topic that might be helpful for you.)