Tab Bar

I use tabs alot, but I haven’t found the use of tabs in DTPO to be all that intuitive: I find I’m often switched from one tab to another without having wished to do so, opening that first tab takes a bit of effort, and moving between them can be confusing.

Perhaps a tab bar option would help?

What kind of option do you have in mind? An option to show the tab bar always?

Yes indeed, an option to have the tab bar always visible.

I suppose I also mean general improvements to how tabs are handled. For example: new tabs are constantly being opened when I move between folders, and, the side bar and the tab are never in sync.

Perhaps I am missing something obvious?

Could you please send screenshots of the window before/after moving between folders (and therefore showing the differences of the tab bar) to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

An option to always show the tab bar was requested back in 2011, but it still has not been implemented. This would be a super-helpful feature and would make tabbed browsing much more intuitive. Is there any way this can be implemented? Please?

This will be part of a future release.

It’s been about a year since this option was promised for a future release. During the past year, there have been numerous DT releases, yet still no persistent tab bar. I realize you have other priorities, but I can’t imagine this would take more than a few lines of code to implement. I’d REALLY appreciate it if you could get this into one of the upcoming releases.

Please see also here: Tab usage similar to browser

Is this one still on the agenda for an upcoming release?