Tab indent of list bug

Selecting and indenting multiple points in a list using “tab” deletes the text instead of indenting it.

This is not normal behavior in other markdown editors that support tab indenting. I hope it can be fixed because I do it all the time :slight_smile:


You may need to be a little more explicit about exactly what you do to reproduce that because it does not appear to be happening when I do it.


Create a bullet list with some text of e.g. 5 bullets. Mark the three in the middle, and tab click to indent. Whoops those are gone.

And what happens if you tab each bullet point individually instead of first selecting more than one of them?


A single indent works fine

In-/Outdenting is currently only supported without a selection, otherwise it’s just the default text editing behaviour of the text engine of macOS like in TextEdit.

OK. I’m glad you say “currently” :slight_smile: