Tabbed Browsing

I have tabbed browsing enabled, but when I click on a bookmark link, it opens the bookmarked item in a new window. I have to Cmd-Click on the link in order to open it in a new tab. Is there any way to reverse this behavior, so it opens in a tab by default? If not, would you consider adding this as an option?

I also have a similar problem with the Reveal function. When I click on the Reveal button, it sometimes opens the revealed item in the same window, but other times opens a new instance of DEVONthink. I’d like to be able to force it to either open in the same window or a new tab, never creating a new DT instance.

Really? That would be very unusual. Are you sure it’s not just another window? If you actually have two or more instances of DEVONthink in the Dock you might want to send a screenshot of that Dock to Support. More than one instance of DEVONthink accessing a database could trash the database.

Yes, I meant another window, not necessarily another instance.

What do you mean by “not necessarily a new instance”? Is this a politician-style retraction or did you really even once observe such behaviour? If so, the devs should know!

This isn’t that complicated and there’s no need to read so much into what I wrote. When I click on the Reveal button, it opens the reveal target in a new window. I don’t know or care whether this window represents an entirely separate instance of the application or not.

My only point was that I’d like an option to open bookmark links and reveal targets in the SAME window by default, rather than ending up with multiple DT windows.

Currently, if I click on a bookmark link, it opens the bookmark in a new window. If I CMD-click on a bookmark link, it opens in a new tab. Since I have tabbed browsing enabled, I feel this behavior should be reversed. It should open bookmarks in new TABS by default, not new windows. Ditto for Reveal targets. When clicking on the Reveal button, I’d like it to reveal the target in a new TAB, not a new window.

Are you referring to clicking a link in a web page you’re browsing?

No, I’m referring to two specific scenarios, neither of which has anything to do with web browsing.

In the first scenario, I use the “Copy Item Link” function to copy a link to a DT document. I then create a DT bookmark as a separate document and paste in this link as the bookmark’s URL. When I click on the bookmark link in the DT browser, it opens the target document in a new window. However, if I CMD-click on the link, it opens the document in a new tab. When tabbed browsing is enabled, this behavior should be reversed. By default, it should open the document in a tab, not a window.

In the second scenario, I do a search in DT and click on one of the search results. This displays the selected document. Now, I want to navigate to that document in the DT hierarchy, so I click the “Reveal” button in the toolbar. This navigates to the document in the hierarchy, but it does so in a new window. Why? I didn’t ask for a new window and I don’t want a new window. When tabbed browsing is enabled, it should open a new tab in the current window.

Sorry to be harsh, but don’t make it sound as if we’re mincing words. You reported supposedly odd behaviour and to those that spend their time following up on this, it is vital to get a concise description. It doesn’t matter whether you care. If this truly started a new instance, this would be quite the deal. Multiple instances of apps don’t come easy on Macs…

OK, I wasn’t trying to report a bug, merely some undesired behavior in terms of how DT operates. I inadvertently used the word “instance” when I meant to say “window”. I never meant to imply that multiple instances of DT were opening, each with its own dock icon. I thought I made this clear in my followup, but apparently the phrase “not necessarily” added to the confusion.

So far as I know, DT is not opening a separate instance, it’s a separate window. The reason I qualified it with “not necessarily” is because I’m not aware of the technical functionality of how DT operates, so I wasn’t making any assumptions about instances or windows, merely reporting what I observed which was that a separate DT window was opening.

If my tone seemed irritated, it’s because I felt as though my original posting was being hijacked by a completely unrelated discussion about instances and windows, none of which had anything to do with the point I was trying to make. My only point is, there are certain functions in DT that I believe should open in a new tab, rather than a new window, when tabbed browsing is enabled.