Table contents disappear when import from macOS Notes app

When I import notes from Apple on macOS BigSur into DEVON think Pro 3, the letters and numbers in the table disappear.

Do you know how to avoid it?

The import is unfortunately limited to what Apple Notes can actually export (via AppleScript internally). However, a screenshot of the original and the imported note would be useful, thanks.

Thank you for your reply.
I see, the importer of DEVON think is written in AppleScript, so there are restrictions on the specifications.

An app called “Exporter” on macOS exports Notes data by HTML format in almost perfect condition. I can throw this into the DB of DEVONthink, but if import it directly in perfect condition, it will be easier to synchronize and will save time and effort.

Which version of macOS do you use? Screenshots of the original/imported notes would be still useful to reproduce this - thanks!

You could try the following JavaScript script. It exports the selected notes as HTML and text. Currently, it uses the folder ~/Desktop/Notes as base (it will be created if needed) and then creates one subfolder per exported note, using the note’s title as its name.
You can adjust the base folder name by changing
const baseFolder = `${curApp.pathTo("desktop")}/Notes`;
to something you like.

Please let me know if this does what you need.


(() => {
  const curApp = Application.currentApplication();
  curApp.includeStandardAdditions = true;
  const baseFolder = `${curApp.pathTo("desktop")}/Notes`;

  const notesApp = Application("Notes");
  const notes = notesApp.selection();
  notes.forEach((n) => {
     * Get plain text and HTML for every selected note
    const text = n.plaintext();
    const html = n.body();

     * Build folder name for this note 

    const dirName =[:/&<>|]/g, "_");
    let targetFolder = `${baseFolder}/${dirName}`;
    if (text || html) {
       * Create folder for note data, ignoring already
       * existing folder
      curApp.doShellScript(`mkdir -p "${targetFolder}"`);
       * Save plain text and HTML using ObjC-Bride 
      if (text) {
        writeUTF8(`${targetFolder}/note.html`, text);
      if (html) {
        writeUTF8(`${targetFolder}/note.html`, html);

function writeUTF8(fileName, text) {
   * ObjC-Bridge methods to write text 
   * with UTF8 encoding to file 
  const str = $.NSString.alloc.initWithUTF8String(text);
    fileName, true, $.NSUTF8StringEncoding, null

I’m using macOS 11.5.2.
I will attach a screenshot.

Thank you for the script.
I will try it later.

Thank you, the next release will fix this.

I tried it.
I haven’t exported all the notes, but it seems that they have been exported almost perfectly.
Thank you, chrillek.

Thank you for your support.