Table Name of first column

I have DTP_1.
Is it right if i create a new table that the first column has the name of the table ?

If so why ?

I create tables (lists) of documents named rules.

Examples are:

1 German rules
2 US rules
3 Companie rules
4 Laboratory rules

In the first column of the tables I will have the name of rules

1 > DIN Norm > Number is DIN 17025 first data record
2 > ASME Norm > Number is NQA-1 first data record
3 > xyz
4 > abc

In every table I need additional columns for date, revision, author, release, valid for and so on.
In which way there is a solution or think I to complex ?


Version 1.x displays the name of the records in the first column, the comments of the records in the last column but this can’t be customized.

I see DT_2 is a better solution for my problem